Tuesday, March 13, 2007


"He had lived through an age when men and women with energy and ruthlessness but without much ability or persistence excelled. And even though most of them had gone under, their ignorance had confused Roy, making him wonder whether the things he had striven to learn, and thought of as "culture", were irrelevant. Everything was supposed to be the same: commercials, Beethoven's late quartets, pop records, shopfronts, Freud, multi-coloured hair. Greatness, comparison, value, depth: gone, gone, gone. Anything could give some pleasure; he saw that. But not everything provided the sustenance of a deeper understanding".

Hanif Kureishi, "Love in a blue time" (1997)


Charlotte said...

Ja, me acuerdo que esta misma parte me había llamado la atención cuando lo leí.

Daniel said...

Está bueno. Ya en los otros cuentos empieza a abusar de "verbos difíciles": slaughter? dishevell? hoot? En otro tiempo hubiera subrayado y buscado, ahora ya no me da ni para Babylon.